Thursday, November 26, 2015

Our Blue & White Toile Guest Room

        Hello everyone,

             I hope your week is going well .

         I am decorating for Christmas and
    thought I would add a few little
touches in our blue and white
toile guest room.

                         Blue and white is not very traditional
                                  to decorate for the season but I added a few
                                white feather trees and a feather wreath on
the old iron bed.

                   An old but comfortable wing chair
                              is covered with an old chenille bedspread.
                       The blue and white braided rug was a
unique thrift find.

                                                                       A tea tray.

                   The netting around the bed adds
                        some appeal to our granddaughters
     when they sleep over.

The old pitcher has a bouquet
for now but later just some
greenery will do.

A Christmas stocking is hung on
the bed.

Well, just a few touches here and there
to add a little charm.......maybe you
you would like to curl up here for a
spell and relax?

   Take care,


Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Tea Time

                                                                           Hello everyone,

                                                      We had our first sunny day in almost
                                                      a week so it was too nice in the sunroom
                                                      to not have afternoon tea in there.
                                                               I got this small flowering kale(not
                                                               sure what the real name is for it)
                                                               and added some real greenery to it
                                                               for a small bouquet in an old tarnished
                                                               sugar bowl.
                                                              Today, my scones were all gone
                                                              so my sheep sugar cookies will
                                                              go nicely with a cup of tea.

                                                      The sunshine makes such a
                                                      difference in here.

                                    I would like to wish all my American
                                              friends a Happy Thanksgiving.

                                              Also, thinking of a few friends that
                                              I met in person(from blogging) this summer
                                              from France and Belgium ~ thinking & praying
                                              for you during these difficult times.

                                                                   Take care,